Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Divine Cashew Nut Cream Recipe - super easy, super delicious!


This recipe offers a deliciously wonderful, simple, dairy-free alternative to cream. A blender or a stick blender is essential.

- 125 g cashew nuts (pieces are also fine for this)
150ml filtered water (don’t want the flavour of chlorine)
- A dash of rice syrup or honey (truly, only a dash)
- Real vanilla extract

Whizz all the ingredients in the blender until smooth.  You can adjust consistency by using more or less water. Add more honey for a sweeter taste.

Serve with fresh fruit or any dessert that does well with a dash of cream. Yummy! 


Here is a collection of cashew creations to make your mouth water.

You cashew munchers aren’t just limited to the roasted, salted ones. In fact some of these ideas are even better!

Cashew and herb spread, cashew nut cheese, cashew and dill sauce, and cashew ice cream - yum!

We sell the cashew nuts - the recipes are all over the internet. Get googling!

P.S. Bet you didn't know cashew nuts grew like this...

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