Thursday, October 25, 2012


The research tells us that there are real health benefits to consuming whole grains:
  1. Whole grains slow down the digestive process which leads to better absorption of the nutrients in our foods – more vitality.
  2. The higher fibre content of whole grains, and indeed all wholefoods, regulates blood sugar by slowing down the breakdown of starches into glucose – important in the prevention of diabetes.
  3. Then there are beneficial changes in the “intestinal zoo,” the bacteria that inhabit our gut. Whole grains can provide the conditions for growth of healthful bacteria – keeps disease-causing bacteria at bay.
  4. Strong anti-oxidant and phytochemical properties are present in whole grains – breaks down cancer-causing substances.

And we don’t actually need to consume huge amounts of these powerhouse grains. Half a cup of brown rice or a bowl of oats or a meal including whole meal pasta is all you need daily. The whole grains we list in our online store include: freshly ground wholemeal wheat flour, rye, corn, spelt and chickpea flours, whole wheat pastas, buckwheat noodles, barley, quinoa, chia, millet and popcorn.

BE WARNED: “Concentrated, refined foods lacking in vital substances cause us to overeat and make us sick. For our own wellbeing we need to eat less processed food and more raw food and whole grains.”


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